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AO [èi-o] n. ancient Polynesian word; 1. pure light; 2. all colors; 3. daytime

AO Foundation International is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit. We serve as a global portal for philanthropy highlighting several very well established and efficient charities, such as the GlobalGiving.org initiatives. Our primary focus is to establish an organization that can quickly provide sustainable villages and schools for children, orphaned by natural disaster and conflict. The vision for AOFI began with the world/new age music group AOMUSIC and their indie record label, Arcturian Gate. With AOFI we hope to establish a new, simple and effective way for music and the arts to wage hope and promise in a time of great change and global transformation. Founders: Richard Gannaway, Maya Christobel and Miriam Stockley


Youth – the vibrant, unguarded human presence and easiest example of beauty, hyper-intelligence and naturally occurring brotherhood

The present cycle of change and its simple need for lightheartedness and tolerance

The singularity of Music, Color, Shape and Movement

The understanding that any natural system, unobstructed, is UNITY, is MUSIC, is LOVE

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One thought on “About AOFI

  1. I soooo believe in this organization!!! They are truly changing the coarse of so many children’s lives through music! I personally know them and know how authentic they are! Please take the time to listen to AO music and you will feel it for yourself……the music that you feel so deep in your soul comes from the love that they gave these children through music. Besides teaching them the skills of singing, music and voice they will then give back books,pencils,many many school supplies and other gifts that these orphaned and displaced children need all over the world!!!

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